Kaiti Garbi is a unique artist and amongst the most successful top-selling Greek singers of the last 20 years, with more than 1.000.000 album sales over the course of her career, hundredths of songs and timeless hits, Gold and multi-platinum albums, live performances and tours all around Greece and abroad.

Her voice is always familiar, a voice from the heart, with a distinct tone and “identity”. Her singing always passionate, sometimes tender and lovable and other times more sensitive and heartbreaking. This amazing voice joined with her impressive stage presence has equipped her with the ability to adapt perfectly and explore different music paths and through these different music paths the opportunity to offer to her audience both music art of high quality and entertainment.

The warmth of her character, her honesty and immediacy has earned her the respect and love of both her colleagues and her devoted audience. She considers the love of her audience as her ultimate personal success, a success greater than any form of commercial success or fame.

Born on the 8th of June, she grew up in a house full of music. She fell in love with singing, through her parents’ voices, and she takes her first steps in the music arena next to her sister Liana. Together they perform in children’s shows and advertisements. She is now married to Dionysis Sxoinas, another successful Greek singer and together they have a son, Dimitris.

In 1989 with the release of her album named “Prova” she takes the first step in her personal music career. Up to date she has released 23 albums, followed by Gold and multi-Platinum awards, and she has worked together with many distinguished Greek singers and young emerging music creators: Kostas Tournas, Antonis Vardis, Phoebus, George Theofanous, Xristos Nikolopoulos, Ilias Fillipou, Giannis Doxas, Christos Dantis, Dimitris Kontopoulos, Foivos Delivorias, Peggasus etc. And today she has joined forced with Nikos Antypas in a very promising and unique collaboration.

The album ‘Xristougenna me tin Kaiti’ with the contribution of the tenor Konstantinos Paliatsaras and the children’s choir of Spyros Lamprou holds a special place in her heart and includes much loved Christmas songs from all around the world.

At the same time she counts many participations in the music work of other Greek artists namely, in the music record of Kostas Tournas with the well known duet ‘Stigmes’; the music record of Foivos Delivorias with the zeibekiko ‘O antras tis zois mou’; in the music record of Tolis Voskopoulos with the duet ‘Emeis’; in the 667’s music record with the song ‘Aeraki’ and; in the ‘Al Bazaar’ song collection with the remix of the song ‘Esena mono’ Vs Mokka’s ‘Leili’, a great music success not only within Greece but also in France, Russia, Turkey, Bulgaria.

In her 25 year career she has cooperated successfully with distinguished Greek singers in music duets and live performances: Giannis Parios, Pitsa Papadopoulou, Manolis Mitsias, Glykeria, Paschalis Terzis, Vasilis Karras, Tolis Voskopoulos, Anna Vissi, Antonis Vardis, Antonis Remos, Dionysis Schoinas, Sakis Rouvas, Giorgos Mazonakis, Notis Sfakianakis, Natasha Theodoridou etc.

In 1993 she represents Greece in the Eurovision contest leaving the best impressions and winning the 9th place on behalf of Greece.

Another unforgettable moment in her career is marked with her performance in the ‘Temple of Music’, as the American like to call the Radio City theatre. The theater is fully packed on the day of her performance on May 9th of 1997.

Always sensitive in social issues she ‘offers’ her face to support the campaign for HIV/AIDS carriers and she is proclaimed ambassador of Mac Aids Funds in Greece. Throughout her music course she has organized and participated in numerous concerts and benefit events offering any revenues to fund good causes.

Her passion for music and the promise she has sworn to herself and her audience – that in every new work she will be moving further in order to proffer new and better music experiences- always guide her to explore new music trends and suggestions and to attempt new innovative and original collaborations with Greek and foreign artists


Prova (1989), Gyalia Karfia (1990), Entalma Syllipseos (1991), Tou Feggariou Anapnoes (1992), Os ton Paradeiso (1993),
Atofio Xrysafi (1995), Arxizo Polemo (1996), Eyaisthisies (1997), Xristougenna me tin Kaiti (1998), Doro Theou (1999), To Kati (2000), Ti theloune ta matia sou (2000), Apla ta pragmata (2001), Mia kardia (2002), Emmones idees (2003), Galazio k leyko (2004), Exo sta matia ourano (2005), Pos allazei o kairos (2006), 18 xronia live (2007), Kainourgia Ego (2008), Pazl (2011), Apo Kardias (2013), Buona Vita (2013).


Kaiti Garbi starts officially her disco-graphic career with the release of “Prova”, her first personal album. She sings at historical “Zygos”, along with Xary Klyn, Manolis Mitsias and Elpida.

At 1990, her second personal album “Gyalia Karfia”, was released. “Fantasmataki”, “Gyalia Karfia”, “Psemmataki” and “Tzini” were a few of the songs that stand out.

During winter she performs live at “Diogenis”, along with Leyteris Pantazis, Glykeria, Polina and Christos Dantis.

1991 finds Kaiti Garbi singing live at “Stratos” with Aggelos Dionysiou and Giorgos Gerolymatos. The album “Entalma Syllipseos” was released the same year.

At 1992 audience gives platinum award to the album “Tou Feggariou Anapnoes” which was released that year. The song “Pes to me ena fili” becomes one of the most beloved and popular songs in Greek music market and still remains on of the most popular of Kaiti’s career.

At 1993 Kaiti Garbi represented Greece at the 38th Eurovision contest at Ireland with the song “Ellada chora tou fotos”, an amazing performance that is still beloved to Eurovision fans and ranked Greece at 9th place. At the same time another personal album was released named “Os ton Paradeiso”.

Kaiti Garbi continues to perform at “Stratos” with great success alongside with another album release.

“Atofio Chrysafi”, an album with two main composers, Kostas Tournas and newcomer Foivos. “Mi me Sygkrineis”, “Atofio Chrysafi”, “Kolasi”, “Se poliorkia”, “Ksypoliti chorevo” were the most beloved songs of the album. All of them became timeless hits among Kaiti’s discography.

The great album “Arxizo Polemo” was released at 1996 and the successful hits succeeds one another! Greek radio stations plays all of them… “Tha melagxoliso”, “Arxizo Polemo”, “Chamena”, “Perasmena Ksechasmena”, “Mia fora ki enan kairo”, “Apo do kai pio pera”, “Agio Kalokairi”.

Audience enjoys Kaiti Garbi live at the stage of “Diogenis” were she sings along with Vasilis Karras, Dionisis Schoinas and Stamatis Kokkotas.

1997 was special and successful year for both professional and personal life for Kaiti Garbi. At May 4th she marries her colleague singer Dionysis Schoinas and a few months later, another multi awarded album was released named “Eyaisthisies”. Most of the album songs like “I Patrida mou” duet with Antonis Vardis, “Asymfonia Charaktiron” duet with Antonis Remos and others such as “Ierosylia”, “Apozimiosi”, “Eyaisthisies”, “Tryferotita”, “Kivotos” became instantly beloved from the audience.

At May 9th, Kaiti Garbi performed along with her husband Dionisis Schoinas at the fully packed “Radio City” theater in New York.

Back to Athens, audience enjoys double performances from Kaiti at “Diogenis”. She sings at 2 music halls every night along with Antonis Vardis, Antonis Remos, Dionisis Schoinas, Triantafyllos and Giannis Vardis. For about 1 hour the scene was changing to a fary tale place from “Notre dame” with impressive costumes and Kaiti Garbi performing as “Esmeralda”.

During 1998, Kaiti Garbi continues her live music show at “Diogenis” and releases on of her most beloved albums. It is the “Xristougenna me tin Kaiti”. A unique collection with Christmas songs from all over the world. At some of them, children’s choir of Spyros Labros and Konstantinos Paliatsaras are singing with Kaiti. She also participates at the album of Foivos Delivorias “Chalia”, singing a song that remain timeless “O andras tis zois mou”.

Singing with “two hearts”, Kaiti was pregnant when she recorded and released the album “Doro Theou” meaning “Gift from God. “Agkyres”, “Pos fovamai na sou po”, “Dyskolos Erotas and “Doro Theou” were a few of album’s mega hits.

At November she gave birth to the real “Gift from God” as she says… her beloved son Dimitris.

After Dimitris birth, a great comeback was on the way with the release of the multi awarded album “To Kati”.

During the summer of 2000 she sings along with Sakis Rouvas at “Pyli Axiou” at Thessaloniki and later on at “Bio Bio” in Athens. During winter she sings along with Anna Vissi at “Fever”. Their cooperation was one of the greatest in Greek music.

Always fond of surprises, she releases the cd single “Ti theloune ta matia sou” with the rock band “Exis”.

The multi awarded discography is to be continued with the release of the double album “Apla ta Pragmata”. The songs “Viastika”, “Otan se xreiazomai”, the duet “Adiko kai Krima” with “Antique band” and “Stigmes”, duet with Kostas Tournas were mostly beloved from the audience.

During winter, she sings live along with Pascalis Terzis at “Iera Odos”, one more successful cooperation that audience enjoyed.

The platinum cd single “Mia Kardia” was released during 2002 and includes among others the duet “Tha meinei metaksy mas” with Giorgos Tsalikis. Their successful cooperation was continued to common live performances at “Apollon Palace”.

The multi platinum album “Emmones Idees” is released and the song “Esena Mono” (music by Dimitris Kontopoulos and lyrics by Nikos Gritsis) becomes a mega-hit not only beloved by the Greek audience, but also in many foreign countries such as Italy, Turkey, France, Bulgaria, Romania etc. It still remains as the most beloved ballad among Kaiti’s songs.

She sings with Tolis Voskopoulos at Thessaloniki’s “Focus”, a cooperation that continued during winter in Athens at “Rex” theater.
Production and direction by Stavros Sideras. Choreographies by, Derick Lassala, Mic Thompson, Christina Fotinaki and Dimitris Ferras. Rex theater was transformed into a magical scene. Kaiti Garbi was singing among mythical gods and elves dressed with impressive costumes!

The city of Athens is hosting the Olympic Games of 2004, and Kaiti releases a cd single album “Galazio kai Leyko”.
She sings at “Asteria” Glyfadas, offering visitors from all over the world, total Greek nights of entertainment.

Live performances start at Thessaloniki’s Odeon with Christos Dantis. Their successful cooperation was continued with the release of the album “Exo sta Matia Oyrano”. A percentage from the album’s sales was disposed at MAC AIDS FUND.

During winter she presents to the Athenian audience an oriental concept at “Bodroom”. Among her live summer concerts, she participates at live concert of Zuccero at “Theatro Vraxon”.

A special adaptation of the beloved song “Esena Mono” with “Leili” from Mokka group is released, and the audience loves the song again! Along with “Stoxos”, a Greek adaptation of Gulsen’s Turkish song “Of Of”, are the two Greek songs of the international album Al Bazaar 3.

During the same year, Kaiti participates as a judge at the talent show for young singers “Fame Story 4 ” and also releases one more awarded album, the “Pos allazei o kairos”. She performs live at “Asteria” Glyfadas with Antypas.

At 2007, Kaiti Garbi celebrates with collaborators, friends and her loyal fans, her 18th disco-graphic years with a great party.
Sony music, awards her with a multi-platinum award for over 1.000.000 album sales.

At the same year, she is starring at a series of a successful tv serial named, “Thanasimes Petheres” as “Athinaia Pethera”.
During summer, she organizes a fund-raising concert for the fire victims that suffered from catastrophic fires that year, at “Alexis Minotis” theater at Aigaleo.

The year ended successfully with the release of the double live album “18 Xronia live”.

“Enastron” presents live one of the most successful and longest cooperation of the year 2008, Notis Sfakianakis and Kaiti Garbi.

2008 was an important year for the disco-graphic career of Kaiti Garbi. She collaborates for the first time with the significant composer Nikos Antypas at the album “Kainouria Ego”. The single “Kainourgia Ego” with the participation of “Thirio” and the zeimpekiko “Ayto aksizo” become instantly favored by the audience.

At 2009, Kaiti Garbi presents a series of a unique music show entitled “Kainourgia Ego”, at “Polis Studio”, under the artistic production of Nikos Antypas and direction by Vasilis Myrianthopoulos. During summer, with the same concept she performs live concerts from isolated island of Symi to Cyprus.

“I sing as i breath” comments Kaiti Garbi at her second album of her collaboration with the composer Nikos Antypas entitled “PAZL”.
The lyrics of the song “Sti fotia rikse xrysafi” are written by the significant poet Manos Eleytheriou and the rest of the album is signed by GML and Vicky Gerothodorou at the song “Skepseis”.

The album was firstly released for free through the web site

After a year of preparations, Kaiti’s live performances starts autumn of 2012 with a guest participation at the festive concert of “Phoebus 20th discographic years. During October, she performs at a cinema hall of ODEON cinemas, ODEON KOSMOPOLIS.

A unique concept that converted cinema hall to a musical stage, presented for the very first time in Greece! A magical combination of movies and sound. The concept, a love story narrated through songs from Kaiti’s Garbi discography and beloved songs from significant composers orchestrated by Mati Palaiologos. The videos presented, were filmed by a team of filmakers under the directions of Vicky Vellopoulou and creative production of Xenia Votsi.

Kaiti welcomes 2013 at the stage of Casablanca music hall. The original concept of “Cinema Concerts” is enriched by theatrical dialogues and the guest star participation of composer and accordionist Zoe Tiganouria, for a series of performances.

Her personal discography counts two more albums during 2013. A Best of double album, entitled “Apo Kardias”, which consists of the most beloved songs from her discographic career and two new songs, “Pio pano apo sena” and “Zontanos Oyranos”.

A few months later, during June, her first international album is released in Italy, entitled “Buona Vita”! An Italian production, recorded in Milan. The album consists of 12 familiar songs, all of them in Italian language, sang by Kaiti Garbi. “Chamena”, “Tha melagxoliso”, “Anemos”, “Esena Mono”, “Viastika”, some of her newest from the cooperation with composer Nikos Antypas such as “Kainourgia Ego”, “Psemmata”, “Ola sta zitisa” and also two Italian songs. “Buona Vita”, duet with the significant Ornella Vanoni and “Ti Sento” duet with Carlo Marrale. The album will be also released in Greece during summer.

Ένας ακόμα πετυχημένος δίσκος κυκλοφορεί με τίτλο «Περίεργες Μέρες.

Το τραγούδι «Ανεμοδαρμένα Ύψη» σε μουσική Γιώργου Σαμπάνη και στίχους Ελένης Γιαννατσούλια, παραμένει για έναν ολόκληρο χρόνο στα playlist των ραδιοφωνικών σταθμών και στις καρδιές του κοινού. Από τον δίσκο ξεχωρίζουν επίσης και τα single «Ψεύτης», «Πάμε Φινάλε», «Λόγια Μέλι» και «Στην άδεια σου καρέκλα».

Επί σκηνής, η Καίτη Γαρμπή, χάρισε στο κοινό της μια πολύ δυναμική επιστροφή στη νυχτερινή Αθήνα, στο Φωταέριο,
μαζί με τον Γιώργο Μαζωνάκη. Παράλληλα, πραγματοποίησε μια μοναδική guest εμφάνιση στο βραδινό τηλεοπτικό show «Dancing with the stars 4», χορεύοντας τη μεγάλη επιτυχία της «Ανεμοδαρμένα Ύψη».

Το 2015 η Καίτη Γαρμπή επιστρέφει στη Θεσσαλονίκη μετά από 10 χρόνια! Πραγματοποιεί ξεχωριστές εμφανίσεις στο Magique έχοντας μαζί της τον Γιώργο Παπαδόπουλο! Η επιτυχία των εμφανίσεων τους συνεχίζεται στην Αθήνα, στο CENTRAL και την εκρηκτική παρέα συμπληρώνει η Ναταλία Γερμανού στα dexx!

Την άνοιξη του 2015 κυκλοφορεί το ιδιαίτερο single “Ελεύθερη” που αγαπήθηκε από το δυναμικό κοινό της αλλά και απο τους ραδιοφωνικούς σταθμούς της χώρας.

Παρέα με τον Σταν πραγματοποιούν μια ξεχωριστή εμφάνιση στα Mad Video Music Awards τραγουδώντας ντουέτο τη μεγάλη της επιτυχία “Ανεμοδαρμένα Ύψη”!

Το 2016 ήταν μια χρονιά γεμάτη 80s… μιας και η Καίτη Γαρμπή πρωταγωνίστησε στην θεατρική παράσταση 80s The Musical ως “Τζένη Πάππας”, αφήνοντας εξαιρετικές εντυπώσεις! Παράλληλα με τις 5ήμερες παραστάσεις στο θέατρο, πραγματοποίησε εμφανίσεις και στο Apotheke club σε ένα πρόγραμμα ολο εκπλήξεις!

Δισκογραφικά, ερμηνεύει το “Κοίτα Σ’ Αγαπάω”, τραγούδι που ταξίδεψε και στη γειτονική Τουρκία ως ντουέτο με τον Burak Kut.

Ως ένα απο τα πιο διαχρονικά fashion icon συμμετείχε στο MadWalk2016 για το catwalk του σχεδιαστή Αποστόλη Μητρόπουλου! Για τις ανάγκες του show, διασκευάστηκε η διαχρονική επιτυχία του Shantel “Disko Partizani” στα Ελληνικά!